4 Sep 2010

Learn Something New 2010

Here are the posts for 2nd & 3rd of September. Sorry for quickie post today but relatives are all about to descend. Been up since 7 (why can't I do that in the week when I need to??) and all tidied by 9am. So I've had 2 and a bit hours to catch up with Shimelle whilst sneaking peeks out of my window to see if they have arrived (even though I knew it wouldn't have been them, another lesson there I think!) 
Full pic-a-nic report tomorrow, and hopefully i'll be able to get some nice photos as well.

Love Elliefantasy xxx

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Kat{e} Bucci said...

Love your pages - and I can totally sympathise with the whole 'buying too much for a picnic' problem. I do the same! Hope you had a lovely time though. Kate x