19 May 2010


I am a messy person. That is a fact, thoroughly supported by all that know me. My levels of mess sometimes appear to be magical; I can put something down and it will honestly disappear for a few minutes, hours or even days, depending on how hard I search and how desperately I need said item.I am so messy that, even now as I type, my arms are resting on open notebooks, a mini mini-album I am making for a friend, scissors, gel pens, Forever Friends cutouts for another half started mini-book.
As part of the "doing and showing" plans that I started yesterday, and instead of the entry that I was supposed to be giving as part one of the online blogging course, I have done a quick-ish digi page to share. The digi-kit was downloaded free from Two Peas in a Bucket, called Boho Chic designed by Brandy Buffington. The photo was taken in January when I got sidetracked into the digital SLR photo bug. I was nearly finished making a birthday card for a close friend, and had reached the picture-taking phase. However my desk was so crowded with crafting gear it would have seemed far too much to clear it. So I decided to place the card on top, triumphantly emerging from all the clutter, and took the picture - mess and all!

See what you think about the layout. Comments always welcome. Next post should see a return to the blog course.


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