18 May 2010

First Post *small fanfare noise*

Blogging is something that I have umm-ed and aah-ed about for a little while. Partly because I believed that I had very little to say, but mostly because I have a feeling that it is something that I will start in a blaze of inspiration and then either forget about or get frustrated with when I remember that I have burdened myself with another time consuming activity. But for the moment I am stepping into the blogosphere, enjoying all the attacks it is making on the unsuspecting English language, and throwing my two-penneth into the pot.

As way of an introduction, this blog is partly just a record of things that appear in my head so as to ease the burden on my OH who suffers through an unrelenting stream of random and often unneccesary bonkersness, but also to prompt me to transform some of that bonkersness into the form of Scrapbooking. This blog will promote the idea of "doing and showing" rather than just "organising to do" and "commenting on the organisation that preceeds the doing" which has previously been my habit. The reason or inspiration for starting this blog now has come via spotting an online class for blogs relating to scrapbooking or scrapbooking related to blogs done by Shimelle Laine. So we'll see what I can manage. I am hoping for something that looks pretty, is slightly informative and at the very least will increase my "doing" total for the year.

Elliefantasy xxx

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