18 Oct 2010

Which side to use?

I have managed within the last two weeks to do a fair bit of scrapbooking. The ideas are there, and they are taking shape fairly easily on the page. Sometimes they are inspired by the photo, or sometimes by the paper, but they do seem to fit together neatly, and I can find more things to either use, or adapt to bring the page to life. (Alphabets are the main culprit here. I never ever ever seem to have the right one at the right moment with the right letters.) 

I recently brought a stack of lovely girly papers (and here I must apologise because I have split the paper and have thrown away the cover sheet.) The main thing that attracted me to the stack was the first sheet which was a pattern of shoes and handbags. Perfect for a layout that I was intending to do as an offshoot of this post, done whilst doing Blogging for Scrapbookers. 

But when I eventually came to do the page, events conspired against my using that pattern as a bright and cheery background. For starters, the shoes and the paper did not really match. And I had carefully made a pattern on Paint Shop to tie in with the colour of the shoes, which was then run through the Robo to get the title and some backing shapes. So now nothing matched with the shoe paper. 

But then I turned over the sheet to have a look at the other design. All the papers have a bright cheery pattern on one side and a lovely plain wash on the other. And the lovely plain wash was just a perfect complement to the pattern of the shoes, and the slightly darker pattern that I had been able to achieve. So I did what any self respecting scrapbooker would do and just carried on regardless! The lack of use of the shoe paper did cause me a bit of a pang until I remembered that I had 4 sheets of that paper in the pack, so I cut out a small bordering section on another sheet and stuck it to the layout. And it matched perfectly. The picture at the top is the layout. This picture here, is of the patterned paper, just to prove that really I did the right thing by turning it over. 

Love Elliefantasy xx

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