5 Feb 2015

You may need to cut my phone off my hand...

...but I do seem firmly wedded to it currently. And to the social whirl of the internet. I am Instagram-ing, pintrest-ing, reddit-ified and blog-loving! With a little bit of WhatsApp thrown in here and there.

I don't know what has sparked this new year of "social media" obsession (a phrase that I as actually hate) but it might have something to do with having a new, clear year in front of me. Aside from a week of curtain hell (another story for another day) I have been pretty good at giving myself time off which has allowed me to spend time with these new things.

I had always anticipated that they would take up a lot of my time, which they have, but they have lead me to new fun projects that only take a little of my time and allow me to connect with worlds and groups and people who I have things in common with.

Of course it has also given me unrealistic expectations of how I want my house and food to look but hey, I can normally manage those all by myself!

Love Elliefantasy


PS Instagram and pintrest links will appear soon. Also planning a slight xjsnfe again and some updated photos of what I have been up to lately.

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