2 Sep 2014

LSNED 2014 The Plan and Lesson #1

Hi all.

It's September again! Hooray! I think that I might be in my last year of being able to enjoy it neither as a student or a parent, so I'm going to make the most of it. (aside from a scary dream I had on Sunday night of having to take Pickle Pants to her new Pre-School by way of a gym which needs to be accessed by massive travelators - DON'T ASK, I don't know what the subconscious text behind that is!)

I don't have a clue about what I might learn this year. But there is one thing that I know I would like to try and learn. Which is to learn to play more with Pickle Pants. I am not as good at OH as getting into the moment and sitting down to play a game, whether or not it is trains or chase or bouncing the balloon or just running madly about like a loon. I always feel so self-conscious so I don't do it, and now that Daddy seems to be Numero Uno, I wonder if that is because he is better at Play time. 

I'm not going to get into a long winded thing about all the things that I don't do vs all that I manage to do, because at the end of the day I know that I am Managing Just Fine. I just would love to get caught up in the moment and forget about all the Mummy stuff for a bit because it looks like so much fun. But we will see how well I manage over the month.

The album itself will hopefully be a 6x8 PL album making use of the 2x 3x4 & 1 4x6 pocket protector and my Amy Tangerine Cut & Paste Mini Kit that I REALLY wanted for my birthday. It makes it much easier then. Just 1 landscape 4x6 photo. 1 3x4 with the Lesson on it and the other 3x4 as either more journalling or just a filler page. And because I have the kit already I can get started without waiting for supplies and just get the album and pocket protectors later when I am ready! Mwahahahaha, just one more reason why Project Life is taking over my world! (In a good way!)

As far as my blog posts go, the post for the previous day will hopefully go up every day. So today is Tuesday 2nd but today's post is all about the lesson I learnt on Monday 1st. This is for 2 reasons

1) I was still trying to finish off my little rant about stories and albums
2) It gives me a fighting chance to keep up to date and post at a reasonable time of day. 

So as per Monday mornings prompt
My name is Elliefantasy and today marks the start of Learn Something New 2014. 
This September I am most excited to Learn How to Play

And Mondays Lesson is.....
Sometimes Mummy is the one who wants to get ALL the bath toys out to play with!

I'd love to see your LSN lessons if you want to share.

See you tomorrow

Elliefantasy xx

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